About Gary’s Piano Service

Gary’s Piano Service started about 20 years ago in Paris, Texas, when Gary would tune pianos after he got off work as a school teacher. Since then, Gary has continued to bring joy and music to homes with his piano tuning work from Paris to Lubbock!

Owner Gary Dennis served as a minister for a number of years before becoming a child counselor and then a school teacher. He eventually retired from each of these jobs to do what he loved: He started his business tuning pianos, something that had fascinated him tremendously ever since he learned about tempered tuning for pianos. People seemed to love his work, and Gary loved the joy an in-tune piano and beautiful music brought to many homes and churches. It is a thrill for him to make a piano sound better for its owner.

In 2013, Gary and his wife retired from teaching to move to Lubbock, which put them closer to nine of their eleven grandchildren. The piano tuning business came with him — he says that it is too fun to leave behind. Gary has met many kind people in Lubbock and the surrounding communities through his piano tuning. His favorite part of his piano tuning business is not only making pianos sound better for their owners, but also dropping words of encouragement to everyone he encounters.