Expert Piano Tuning & Repair

Whether you need your piano tuned or there’s something that just isn’t right inside your instrument, Gary’s Piano Service will fix you up!

Action Regulation/Adjustment

Your piano needs its mechanics adjusted in order for it to keep playing at its best. A regulation adjustment affects the mechanical parts of a piano in order to compensate for changes in wood and wool parts due to humidity, compacting of cloth, felt, and buckskin, and normal wear.

Keytop Replacement

As pianos age, sticky or slow keys, missing keys, and old keys often need to be replaced. Gary follows careful procedure to make sure you get the right amount of overhang on the keytop.

Key Bushings

The more a piano gets played, the more worn the bushings in the front and center of the key will become. This can make keys wobbly and unstable. A key bushing will restore stability to your keys.

Hammer Filing

The hammers of your piano will get worn down from the repetitive striking of piano keys when you are playing, which can alter the sound and tone of your instrument. Filing the hammers to restore them to their round shape will produce the best sound from your instrument.

Piano Purchase Consultation

Similar to visiting a dealership before you buy a car, it is a good idea to get a purchase consultation before you buy a piano. A purchase consultation can give you an evaluation of the instrument, suggested repairs or service work, and an estimate of the value.

Piano Evaluations & Estimates

Pianos are a big purchase, and an evaluation will let you know how much the instrument is worth as well as repairs that need to be completed, services such as tuning or adjustments that are recommended, and how much you should expect to pay.


An appraisal will give you the starting point of how much your piano is worth. If you are looking to trade in your piano for a new one or yours just isn’t played enough to justify having it at home, an appraisal is the first step in the process.