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With over 20 years of experience in tempered piano tuning, Gary’s Piano Service has been officially serving homes, churches, schools, concert venues, and residents of the elderly since 2002. Gary goes where the piano is! Gary’s Piano Service offers top-quality tuning and maintenance of pianos. Our service is accurate and careful, and we strive to bring encouragement and a cheerful attitude to every project!

We tune pianos in Lubbock, Texas, and all surrounding areas, and are willing to travel outside Texas for certain projects. Contact us to find out about our pricing, and find out if we can come to you!

Interesting Facts About Pianos:

– Piano strings are strung so tightly that the total tension in most modern pianos is somewhere between 18 and 20 tons of pressure!

– If you’ve ever wondered how many strings a piano has, wonder no longer: Most pianos have between 215 and 230 strings. Many assume a piano has 88 strings as there are 88 keys, when in actuality, the largest number of notes have three strings that are tuned in unison.

– A piano has over 12,000 parts. Ten thousand of these parts are moving!

– Each string on a piano holds around 170 pounds of tension.