A Dependable and Professional Piano Tuner

Providing professional piano tuning and repair services in homes, churches, schools, concert venues, and nursing homes since 2002. We go where the piano is!

We offer top-quality tuning and maintenance. We tune accurately and carefully. We also strive to bring a cheerful attitude to every project.

Piano Servicing Over a Wide Area

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Serving all areas surrounding Lubbock, Texas.

Willing to travel outside Texas for certain projects.  Contact us for pricing.

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Interesting Piano Facts

How tightly are piano strings strung?

The total tension in most modern pianos is between 18 and 20 tons! Wow!

How many strings does a piano have?

It varies from one piano to another, but most pianos have from 215 to 230 strings. For those of you who assumed the answer to be 88, I wish it were so! Actually, by far the largest number of notes have three strings which are tuned in unison.

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